Synthetic Tanning Agent

These are non-harmful, non-metallic organic tanning agents based on acrylic polymer. They are specially designed to present elasticity, softness, fullness and tensile strength to leather. Yellowing never happens due to higher thermal stability. Uniform dying can be achieved with superior dye carrying ability.

 Binder for Retannage

This agent designed for use in retannage process can give fullness, elasticity, touch and flexibility. Its higher binding force provides friction endurance and penetrating power results uniform dyeing.

 Synthetic Binder for Finishing

These synthetic binders can be applied in garment pigmentation for base coat. These can provide elastic film rapidly since these are micro emulsion.

 Finishing Agent

This agent can be used in garment finishing to give the soft-feel and smoothness to the base coats. It is compatible with other additives thereupon incorporation is comfortable.

 Water Based Pigment

W-TO is water based white pigment, which is composed of well-dispersed ultra fine pigments. It can provide superior whiteness, opacity and good buffing.

 Penetrating Agent

Penetrating Agent