Dispersing Agent
In coating color making
These dispersant are carboxylic polyelectrolytes designed for pigment dispersion in coating kitchen. These can be widely used to various pigments such as clay, calcium carbonate, silica and titanium dioxide. Superior dispersing power allows making high solid coating color.
 Dispersing Agent
Ground calcium carbonate slurry making
These dispersant can be applied to the wet grinding process for calcium carbonate slurry manufacturing. Dispersing power is not deteriorated by grinding heat because they have good thermal stability. The slurry viscosity does not increased seriously with the lapse of the time without agitation. Especially, JD-4050 can be applied to filler grade GCC slurry.
Thickeners have been termed by many aliases; rheology modifier or retention aid. JT- series are synthetic thickeners a type of alkali soluble emulsion which don't have need of cooking and preservatives differently from natural thickeners. They improve rheological characteristics (e.g. fluidity under high shear condition) and physical properties (e.g. water retention under low shear condition) thus coating trouble like that streak, spot and migration can be avoided. Quality of final products including permeability, smoothness, brightness, and ink receptivity can be also enhanced.

This is inorganic complex type insolubilizer for coating colors. It shows waterproofing ability by crosslinkage with functional group (e.g. carboxylic-, hydroxyl-, cationic- group) existed in pulp or coherency with binders latex, casein or PVA added in color formulations. It can prevent migration problem and enhance pick strength and ink receptivity markedly.

 Surface Sizing Agent

This is emlusion type sueface sizing agent for paper processing. It offers rapid initial sizing, good ink acceptability and pritability. Its superior mechanical& chemical stability can allow high-speed sizing. Applying is not restricted by pH of base paper.and Fouling and dusting caused by internal sizing can be reduced.

 Moisture Proofing Agent for Recyclable Paper Package

Packaging paper treated by this agent is easily recyclable differently from resin coated papers.
This agent also gives anti-slipping and anti-blocking to base paper.

 De-Fiberizing Agent

Wet-strength paper coated with epoxy resin can be easily recycled by this defiberizing agent.
The rate of defiberizing is accelerated with increasing temperature.

 Defoaming Agent

This defoaming agent is especially effective in high solid coating color. It also performs well in coating colors with starches, caseins and proteins.
It is easily dispersible in water and free from fish-eye problem. Coating defect caused by air entrainment can be avoided by its applying.

 Anti Slip Agent

This ant-slip agent is useful for bag paper where non-slip treatment is important. It can form the film that has high friction coefficient on the base paper.
Formed film is also very stable against to heat and moisture.

 Slip Enhancing Agent

This slip-enhancing agent reduces friction coefficient thereupon anti-blocking and runnability is enhanced markedly.
In addition dusting can be minimized in calendaring and surface peeling can be avoided in printing.


Biocides have to be used to prevent slime trouble in paper industry based on water circulation. These biocides can prevent the various troubles caused by microorganism such as pipe closing y biofilm forming or deterioration of coating color (e.g. viscosity rise, pH drop and water retention decline).

 Synthetic Binder

These synthetic binders are specially designed for coated paper where specific properties are required. For instance, J-900F can be applied to improve the tensile and fold strength while J-905 can be employed to enhance the solvent-resistance. For the both of them, discoloring do not occur as time passed because of its higher chemical stability.
We can prepare tailored binder for your special purpose.


These synthetic cobinder is prepared to replace the natural binders (e.g. casein and protein) that have many disadvantages. It can be applied directly without cooking and free from rotting. The quality of paper including gloss, ink-receptivity, and water-resistance is enhanced.
It is also useful for blister packaging paper.

 Organic Binder

Plastic pigments(PP)
Plastic pigments can provide the superior opacity, brightness and printability to paper. Because it can substitute inorganic pigments, it is useful for lightweight coated paper. It is also compatible with coating materials as binders or pigments.

Binder pigment(BP)
Binder pigment takes two parts; it plays the parts of a pigment and a binder. It can improve opacity and brightness to coated paper as a pigment and give binding force to colors as a binder.

Hollow spheres pigment (HSP)
These are non-film forming synthetic pigments engineered to provide dry hiding in water-based coatings. Hollow spheres pigment (HSP) is also known as opaque polymers originated from its higher hiding power. It is recommend in lightweight coated paper, art paper or board where smoothness, gloss, as well as opacity or brightness are important.

 Binder for Inkjet Printing Paper

Demands for ink-jet printing are increasing with the spread of DTP, Internet and digital camera. Forink-jet printing papers, fast fixation, insolubleness to water and oil, prolonged image preservation and high-resolution printing have to be satisfied. J-590 can meet such an expectations.