Our constant efforts for R&D have been approved publicly by many organizations.
 Nov 1992  Designated to Advanced Technical Company by Ministry of commerce, industry & Energy
 Dec 1994  Designated to Superior-Tech. Company by Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund
 Mar 1997  Designated to High-Tech. Company by Small & Medium Business Administration
 May 1997  R&D division was authorized by Korea Industrial Technology Association
 Apr 2000  Technologically Innovative Company Small& Medium Business Administration

The advent of global competition age forces us to realize only creative technology can allow us to survive. Hence, we concentrate all resources on R&D to gain a victory in war of technical development.

We take pride in having developed all products items by ourselves
without outside help.
The scope of R&D division can be summarized as following

- Development of new product
Fundamental study and lab-scale work is carried out.

- Pilot-plant tests and trial production
The bench-scale results are examined in pilot-plant for commercial production.

- Technical support for customers
Technical support and troubleshooting can be provided.

We are furnishing a lot of precise analyzer for physical & chemical analysis and test instruments for special purpose. A detail lists of analyzer and apparatuses can be seen in next page. We are studying together with university and institute to develop products requires fundamental study.